We are a diverse group of Americans, and residents, who hold a great deal of respect for the United States of America and the principles and values for which the country traditionally stands. Our ancestors came to this country looking for freedom, prosperity, the rule of law and the opportunities we could not find anywhere else in the world.

Many of us worked hard and long to achieve our dreams and we owe thanks to this great land that is home to us and our families. We want to express our concerns about the current political and financial situation the country is going through and we expect to be heard by the appropriate local and national politicians. We believe the country is rapidly moving away from everything this nation has always stood for. The country we and our ancestors anxiously dreamed about immigrating to does not seem to be the same.

We also think that the great majority of Latinos represent a hard working people with good family values and traditional conservative principles. They have contributed greatly to the prosperity of the United States of America and have made a significant impact on its social, cultural and economic development.

Our organization strongly believes that we, as legal immigrants, or immigrant descendants, respect and follow the rule of law and we want to continue enjoying the blessings of political, economical and social freedom which has characterized the greatness of this country.

It is our goal to reach as many Latino and Non-Latino Americans as possible, that share our common values and concerns, and develop a national network to send a powerful voice across the country about what we really represent and stand for.

We also want to reach, recruit and educate Latinos and Non-Latinos who recently arrived in America and have not yet had the opportunity to fine-tune their English. We strongly believe that it is our duty to fight for limited government, traditional American values, lower taxes and restoration of freedom in this great country, and to show respect for the Constitution of the United States.

LATP was created for the purpose of offering visitors of all cultural and racial backgrounds a broad range of important national news that is pertinent at present. Unfortunately, too many Latinos fail to comprehend the scope and potential consequences of the political and economic crisis the nation currently faces. By providing information in Spanish we hope to reach out to members of America’s largest minority (who are historically targeted and misinformed by mainstream media outlets), particularly those who, for whatever reason, have not gained proficiency in English.

Major polls indicate that the majority of citizens believe most media sources share a Liberal bias. We want to balance this bias by presenting information from a wide range of reputable Conservative sources – journals, newspapers, blogs, organizations, etc. – that have expressed deep concerns with the direction the current administration is taking the country. On this note, LATP is proud to present, daily, in a single website, a variety of those informative sources which share the common values and principles on which the Founding Fathers built this nation. As we believe it is crucial to keep the general public well informed we will always strive to ensure that the information we present is accurate and reliable.

While our organization holds a great deal of respect for any foreigner who becomes an American citizen, or who is in the process of doing so, as long as they follow the rule of law and respect the principles and values upon which the constitution of the United States was founded, LATP does not by any means support “globalization” or the immigration reform (amnesty) that the current administration is promoting.

Finally, in order to show our support and respect to the Hispanic community, who share our common values, we have included on our site the pictures and brief histories of Francisco Saavedra and Bernardo de Galvez, two of the many Hispanic heroes who contributed to the founding of our beloved country.

Our organization believes that in order to play a positive and constructive role in the history of the United States we need to express our solidarity with the sacred principles of the Constitution, limited government and fiscal responsibility which have made this country the best that has ever stood on the face of the earth.

God Bless All of You,
Latino American Tea Party