Volusia 9.12 Patriots

The 9.12 Patriots are a nonpartisan collection of independent citizens deeply concerned about the future of our great Republic. We believe our government is out of control and has undermined our founding principle of limited government.

Natural Law, the Rule of Law and our founding documents are the foundation of our Civil Society. Our government’s powers are derived from “we the people” and are constitutionally limited by our founding documents, which were purposely written in plain English so all can easily comprehend their meaning.

Our Founding Fathers were not as many portray them today. They were well read, classically educated, intelligent and principled men. All of them risked, and many lost their lives, liberty and prosperity by declaring independence from a tyrannical kingdom in order to form the greatest free republic in history. Coming from varied backgrounds and diverse philosophies about government, their desire for freedom united them. We are now united, fearful to lose our freedom and resolved to defend it. In their wisdom, they warned us to guard against all of the violations of our liberties we see in government today. We can be silent and still no more. We are the majority. We are “WE THE PEOPLE”

“One nation, under God, demanding responsibility in our government.”

Our goals are:

  • to Unite people under the banner of liberty,
  • to Educate ourselves and others, and
  • to Act so we can affect the outcome of our own lives and pass on a better nation, founded in liberty, to future generations.

We will be focusing much of efforts towards the 2012 election cycle by trying to vet local, state and federal candidates that adhere to the 9 principles and 12 values of the 9.12 Project and are constitutional conservatives. We will also get active as watchdogs over our local governments. We can never again have the apathy towards our elected officials and government bureaucracies that has put us on the abyss of losing our constitutionally guaranteed rights and freedoms. We are now the 4th branch of government as the so called “mainstream media” has been rendered useless to our society by forces within them and that control them.

We the People” Shall be the Special Interest of our government representatives.

What can we do as concerned citizens? You have two choices. Do nothing and hope others will fight for you, then hope for the best, or , take action and make a positive change in yours and all of our futures.

Each of us have unique life situations and we tend to be individuals rather than group thinkers. Rely on your unique skills and take action as you see fit. Send letters, talk to people, educate yourself and others, read books, organize events, go to meetings or run for office. You decide. We will win this war for our constitutionally guaranteed rights and a civil society based on our proven founding principles. We will not give in to the collectivist mentality that has overcome our Republic.