About The Project

The Abigail Adams Project (AAP) is a volunteer, non-partisan voter education project that will powerfully impact how candidates are elected. We provide voter guides across the United States of America that focus on the candidates’ views about the Constitutional responsibilities of elected officials in all levels of government. No party affiliations are listed on the voter guides. This way voters inform their choices based on the candidate’s positions rather than their party affiliation.

Our Goals:

  • Empower the electorate through education through non-partisan Voters Guides
  • Produce and promote a climate of civically responsible citizens
  • Create a demand by voters for elected or appointed officials in all branches of government to fulfill their oaths to preserve, protect, and defend the Constitution. Therefore, all participants in governing must have a comprehensive working knowledge of the United States Constitution
  • Foster an atmosphere of Constitutional literacy out of a network of Constitutionally aware citizens and organizations which then bring the civic concern topics back into the public sphere (i.e. homes, schools, churches, community, workplace, and media)
  • Avoid duplication. Patriot organizations can work in concert, each assuming different roles in the education of our citizenry. Each role should fit together, as puzzle pieces, creating a complete and cohesive picture of civic responsibility.

The Abigail Adams Project is an organization focused on education, citizenship and empowerment and is made up of a diverse group of patriots who share the desire to re-found our country on Constitutional principles. We recognize the great legacy of our founders and its our desire to preserve it through educating the electorate.

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